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March 2016 Meeting Recap

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March 26, 2016 by Summit


Sorry for the delay in this month’s meeting recap!  As the keeper of the Summit Scribes website, I’ve been struggling to find the time this spring to keep up with group events.  But late is better than never, am I right?  This month’s recap is below:

We had a short* workshop/tutorial on the popular writing software, Scrivener.  Here is the handout from the workshop, and the text is below:

* By “short”, I mean I rambled on for only 1 hour. :-)


What is Scrivener?

Scrivener is a writing software developed especially for writers to help them plan/organize their writing.


Cork Board:  Every scene/chapter/section created in Scrivener is displayed as an index card that can be rearranged, edited, combined, or split with the rest of the text.

Outlining and Organization tools:  (out the wazoo!!) Places for research, ideas, pictures, everything.  The outline tool works seamlessly with the cork board to help keep your ideas organized.

“Scrivenings” Mode:  Allows writer to choose between viewing the text scene-by-scene or as a whole cohesive document.  There is also a distraction-free writing mode to block out everything but the words on the page.

Compile & Self-Publish:  Many writers purchase Scrivener for this feature alone!  The wizard will walk you through the process of compiling your document and auto-formatting for self-publishing (with presets for ebook publication).  Watch the tutorial videos at least twice, because it is an extensive process!

The cute stuff:  Scrivener comes with numerous little features, like dictionary, thesaurus, name generator, character sketches, auto-backup, goals and targets, etc.


  • Affordable price tag ($40 for multiple licenses)
  • Features allow for multiple views, including cork board and notes
  • Auto-save and “snapshots” means never losing work or previous versions
  • Self-publishing wizard (Nice, but it ain’t Gandalf!)
  • Integrates well with other word processors
  • Motivational tools like project targets and distraction-free writing mode


  • Learning curve: takes some time to get to know the program and customize to your preferences
  • Limited text formatting (not as “pretty” as Word)
  • It’s just a tool…you still have to do the work of writing! J


Official website:  Free Trial Available

Following the workshop, we had a short read-and-comment session in which Dave shared a scene from his WIP, affectionately referred to as the “plant novel”.

Remember:  Scribes meeting are held the 3rd Monday of every month in the Community Room at Unity Village, 6:45pm-9:00pm.  See you next month!!


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